1. Lacuna Tracker / Lacuna Environment

We offer two types of a budget sensors to perform tracking of ‘things’ or to measure basic properties such as temperature, pressure, acceleration. These are 90mm by 90mm by 34mm and weigh around 100 grams and will be available in the summer.

2. Third Party
  1. Third Party LoRa® sensors

There is a huge range of commercially available sensors that use LoRa® connectivity.  Nearly all of these sensors can be modified with our proprietary software so that they can be connected to the global Lacuna Network. etc.

3. Comms Module
  1. Lacuna Communications Module

Available for custom designed sensor or equipment so it can be connected to the Lacuna Network.  Supplied as a small board 10mm square or you can build in the LoRa® chip-set into your design and modify it with our proprietary software so it works on the global Lacuna Network.

Get Involved

We are already working with device manufacturers, application developers and end-users such as

micro enterprises with huge ambitions, social enterprises and large multinational organisations.